How Can I Participate?

Want to be more than just a spectator at the Festival? There are many events that you can participate in, from sailing races to workshops to fun events.

No Registration Required

The following require no registration, simply show up at the time and location indicated in the schedule :

Workshops Learn a new skill or hear interesting stories
Boatyard Tours Experience history by participating in the boatyard tours
Children's Programs Great fun and educational events for the kids
Small Craft Races The boats are often looking for crew, some sailing experience required
Classic Boat Race If your boat is in the harbour, why not participate?
Street Dance While technically for the teens, this is fun for everyone

Require Registration

The following events require pre-registration and have limited space available. A small entrance fee applies:

Fast and Furious If you're 19 or over and want to have a blast, this event is for you!
X-Stream Cardboard Race Some say it's even more fun, but restricted to ages 12 to 18
Classic Chaos RaceRace in anything that floats as long as it is not a boat!
Parade You don't need an elaborate float to enter - get yourself a costume and get involved