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February 2007
Marina Updates: New Life for Mahone Bay Civic Marina tender

The marina tender, the Stephen Slaunwhite, is in the shop for the winter having some much needed repairs done. Built in the early 1990s by the local community college, and operated by the Wooden Boat Society, the tender has been performing an essential service in ferrying people, pets and possessions to and from their boats in the harbour. Over the years, significant wear and tear had accumulated and a cosmetic refit was called for.

Old stern after removal
Old stern after removal

The boat repair work is being handled at Transom Boatworks in Sunnybrook courtesy of Ted Derivan. Dave Ekins in also assisting in the refurbishment of the boat. You may recall that Ted was the builder of the cedar-stripped 'Wee Lassie' canoe that was raffled off at the 2006 festival. This has become a major repair sequence for the tender since it was found to require some extensive structural repairs on inspection. The stern was rotted and required complete replacement. They fabricated the piece and installed it. The king post was also replaced in the bow due to rot. The foredeck on the boat had also rotted due to water ingress around the bow-light fixture. This has been replaced and covered with fiberglas and epoxy to ensure the same process is not repeated.

Old stern after removal
Old stern after removal

A number of ribs were broken in the hull and had to be mended. It was almost impossible to remove the broken ones without de-planking the boat so an alternative method was devised. Ted and Dave steam-bent replacement mahogany pieces and then sistered them to the existing ribs. Each was fastened with stainless screws through the hull planking. It provides for a safe solid hull while reducing the amount of labour. The screws will finally be plugged, the plugs sanded smooth to the hull and then a new coat of paint will be applied.

New stern
Tender during overhaul

They have also installed new bow lights, a new stern light as well as a new bilge pump and switching mechanism. As you may already know, the steering system was replaced completely last summer (day 2 of the festival of course).

replacement ribs sistered to existing
Replacement mahogany pieces sistered to existing ones

The current job will have taken many, many, many hours of work and approximately $1500.00 of materiel. I am pleased to report that Ted and Dave are donating their labour to the refurbishing of the tender. Furthermore, Ted has offered to become the "Boatbuilder-in residence" to festival/marina to care for the tender. He has made some useful observations on the current maintenance regimen for the tender and suggested some future consideration to ensure the tender has a long and useful life.

New stern
New stern

Thank you Ted and Dave for your effort and skill in repairing the tender. The tender will continue to represent the festival/marina family well and will stand as a daily working example of your craftsmanship.

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