Classic Chaos Boat Race
(Registration Required)

  1. Who can enter?
    Open to males and females, the age of 18 and older.
  2. How many on a team?
    Two (2) crewpersons.
  3. How big can our vessel be?
    The width of the vessel can be no wider than 6 feet at any length and no longer than 8 feet. Each team's vessel must be constructed to accommodate no more than two team members.
  4. Can we decorate our vessel?
    Flags, banners or permanent markers can be used to decorate the vessel. (Paint, sealants, glue, caulking, silicone, or anything toxic cannot be used to construct or decorate the vessel).
  5. You will get wet!
    • Life jackets or PFD's must be worn by all participants and must be supplied by the participants.
    • Footwear must be worn by all those entering the water.
    • There will be lifeguards and security personnel at the event and it is important that all participants give them their full cooperation.
  6. How will we steer our vessel?
    Each vessel may be completely self-propelled or teams may use canoe paddles. Paddles are for the exclusive use of rowing. Poling / Punting (as in using long poles to push your vessel) is strictly prohibited.
  7. What if no one finishes the race?
    The team/ vessel to complete the course in the fastest time will win. In the event no teams complete the course the vessel, which travels the farthest distance, regardless of time, will be designated the winner.
  8. What about bad weather?
    In the event of inclement weather, race will be moved to Saturday.
  9. How much time do we have to race our boat and clean up?
    Each heat should go about 1/2 hr.
  10. What are the race procedures?
    • The race format will determined by the number of entries received. Maximum of 12 teams.
    • Vessels will be lowered into the water by the crew and will wait at the starting line until the start signal is given.
    • At the end of the races, each crew must dispose of its vessel and any pieces that have broken off in the water.
  11. How will we be judged?
    Committee members will serve as judges for the competition and award selections. The judges shall make decisions on any points not specifically covered in the written rules. All decisions are final. Vessels will be judged on design, apparent sea-worthiness, and originality.
  12. What are the prizes and categories?
    Winner: 1st, Team/ Vessel to complete the course the fastest (or farthest distance)
  13. Do we have to sign a waiver?
    All team members MUST sign a waiver. Waiver, registration form and rules may be picked up at the Classic Boat Festival office, 683 South Main St. Mahone Bay Government Wharf.
  14. Is there an entry fee?
    An entry fee is required from each team. $10 per team.


All vessels are named. So please come up with a name for your vessel. Please meet at the launch by the dingy dock prior to the race for inspection of your vessel and registration information. At 5:00pm the races will begin. Once the races are completed, all vessels must be removed from the harbor.

Awards will be presented following the race.

Space is limited, so register early to ensure a spot. To receive more information and an application form, please use our contact form and select "Chaos Race".