Children's Programs

The Mahone Bay Classic Boat Festival is fun for all ages, but we offer some real treats for the younger Festival goers. Best of all, the events are free.

Note that materials for all workshops are supplied by the Festival but space is limited so arrive early. Children under 12 must be accompanied by an adult. Some projects involve the use of paint - you may wish to bring old clothes or a smock.


Children's Puffy Jelly Fish Workshop 
Workshop Tent

Design your own unique colorful, 3-D jelly fish.
Sponsored by Kinburn Parmasave

Children's Styrofoam Boat Building and Sailing 
Workshop Tent

Stop by, build a boat and even test sail it. This workshop lets kids make a boat out of supplied materials, then test-sail it.
Sponsored by Amos Pewter

Clay Sea Treasure Mobiles 
Workshop Tent

Join in the fun as we create mobiles made from clay and treasures from the sea.
Sponsored by Amos Pewter


Shippy Shappy Placemats 
Entertainment Tent

Starting with prepared fabric, the kids will use fabric paint and stencils to creat nautical placemat masterpieces. Challenge your child's creativity with ships and shapes to create a fun placemat for them to take home and use for years to come. Note: Please note that we will be using non-washable paint, so be sure the child is dressed appropriately.
Sponsored by Mahone Bay Save Easy

Tiny Boats: Kids'Boat Building Workshop 
Entertainment Tent

Come join Candace and Jennifer as we create little boats by using wood scraps, and fabric, a little paint and a lot of imagination. Special thanks to Barry Coutts for providing the wood.
Sponsored by: Mahone Bay Save Easy


Check the Schedule for dates and times.